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Wolfsburg: RAF trio responsible for bazooka-raid on armored car
Tuesday, 19.01.2016, 17:18

Daniela Klette, Ernst-Wilhelm Volker dust, Burkhard Garweg, RAF, Germany, Terror
dpaBurkhard Garweg (lr), Ernst-Wilhelm Volker dust and Daniela Klette: They should have possibly committed another robbery
The three submerged RAF terrorists Daniela Klette, Ernst-Wilhelm Volker dust and Burkhard Garweg are suspected of having committed in the recent past several robberies of money transports in Germany. Move a whole series of robberies on the account of the terrorists? All information in the news ticker of FOCUS Online.
Responsible RAF terrorists for attacks in Germany
Trio struck just three weeks ago to last in Wolfsburg
Rape should finance „underground life“
The facts: On Monday evening it was announced that the traces of the past year, leading to an armed robbery at an armored car in the county Diepholz near Bremen to three RAF terrorists: Daniela Klette, Ernst-Volker Wilhelm dust and Burkhard Garweg. Now it is reported that the three submerged RAF terrorists should also be responsible for a botched robbery on 28 December in Wolfsburg: In both cases, DNA matches from the crime scene to the perpetrators. And there are other suspected cases, that could be suitable to stitch of the terrorists.

Chief Federal Prosecutor: Trio made by RAF from new terrorist cell
16.32 Clock: The attorney general is still on the assumption that the three former RAF members burdock, dust and Garweg have formed a new terrorist group after the official dissolution of the RAF 1998th This emerges from a statement by the Attorney General of the afternoon. According to the notification, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has applied for the same several arrest warrants on suspicion of membership in a terrorist organization, establishing a terrorist organization, attempted murder, inducing an explosion and aggravated robbery. But with the recent robberies in the district of Diepholz in Wolfsburg and there is so far no evidence of a „terrorist background,“ the deeds, so the message continues.
The terrorist group RAF and their backgrounds: What to know
The terrorist group RAF and their backgrounds: What to know
ZDF EnterprisesDie terrorist group RAF and their backgrounds: What to know

14.49 Clock: Only on Monday had become known that the trio in the summer of 2015 tried to rob an armored car in Bremen. This resulted in the evaluation of DNA evidence. 16 years ago to at least two of them have captured one million marks in a raid on an armored car in Duisburg.«Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst» - Spur zu RAF-TerroristenInfografik / Raubüberfälle der früheren RAF?Infografik / Raubüberfälle der früheren RAF?
In Wolfsburg, the trio had ambushed an armored car on 28 December after a real market. But this raid ended unsuccessfully. The driver of the money transporter just drove away, whereupon the three perpetrators fled.
DNA evidence leave no doubt
Prosecutors confirmed to ABC Online that DNA evidence would now result beyond doubt that it is the volatile RAF terrorists at the robbers.
As in the other two cases, the trio had been armed with a bazooka and a automatic rifle.
For the RAF experts Butz Peters the return of the RAF trio is „logical and comprehensible“. Since they are on the wanted list of the BKA as before, it was clear that they would eventually reach for the successful raid in 1999. Duisburg to criminal means to fund their livelihood. „It was only a matter of time, as long as the money goes,“ said Peters towards FOCUS Online.
Rape should finance „underground life“
Evidence of a terrorist background, it does not give, said the prosecutor. „Rather, it can be assumed that the fact should only serve the financing of life in the underground.“
As before, dust, Garweg and burdock are on the wanted list of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA). For three decades, the former Members of the Red Army Faction (RAF) are sought.
Daniela Klette, Ernst-Wilhelm Volker dust, Burkhard Garweg, RAF, Germany, Terror
That’s the RAF Trio:
Daniela Klette: Born in Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg) 1958 Daniela Klette is wanted as a former member of the third generation of RAF warrant. Since 1975 she has been active in left-wing extremist groups. She went into hiding in 1989, a few days after the assassination of the German Bank chief Alfred Herrhausen. The murder is accounted unsub from the „command level“ of the third generation of RAF.
Fingerprints and DNA traces bring them in connection with several RAF deeds. So it should have been involved in the computer the Deutsche Bank headquarters in Eschborn near Frankfurt / Main in 1990, when firearms attack on the US embassy in Bonn on failed car bomb during the Gulf War 1991st Also in spectacular bomb attack on the prison construction in Weiterstadt, Hesse, 1993 found at the scene hair strongly suggests an involvement Klettes. In July 1999 – just over a year after the RAF had declared their resolution – was taken in Duisburg in a raid on a money transport a million prey. Saliva traces on a left there facemask could be associated with burdock.
Ernst-Wilhelm Volker Staub: The sought by the BKA for forming a terrorist organization and aggravated robbery Dust was born in Hamburg 1957th He studied voice and Law at the University of Hamburg, he broke from 1982nd He should have joined in this time the RAF. In 1984 he was arrested in Frankfurt / Main and convicted in 1986 of membership in a terrorist organization to four years in prison. After completing his sentence, he rejoined the RAF and plunged 1990.

Infografik / Raubüberfälle der früheren RAF?
Dust was probably in 1993 at the bombing of Weiterstadt (Hessen) and involved in the armored car raid in Duisburg in 1999, because his DNA evidence were seized at the crime scenes. The North Rhine-Westphalia Constitution Protection then suspected „assurance of living in underground“ as a possible motive for the attack.
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Burkhard Garweg was born on 1 September 1968 in Bonn. He grew up in Hamburg, where he was active in the left-autonomist scene and temporarily lived in the squatted houses in the Harbor Street in St. Pauli. There he is said to have met dust and burdock. 1990 Garweg went into hiding. He, too, should have the RAF „command Katharina Hammerschmidt“ belongs to that perpetrated the bombing of the empty prison in Weiterstadt.
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