300 sexual assaults on Swedish teens at „We Are Stockholm“ Youth Event in August 2015 were covered up by Police because it would cause people to vote for Sweden Democrats, while event planners continued to lure Swedish girls despite the existing history of sexual assaults and rapes


Authorities knew sexbrotten – chose the same time to attract unwitting Swedish girls for We Are Stockholm

Published January 10th, 2016 at 21:36

HOME.It was not only the DN that darkened the City of Stockholm’s youth festival „We are Sthlm“ had become a place where young immigrants engaged in mass attacks on Swedish girls.Despite the fact that both the municipality and the police were aware of the problems the authorities tried to deliberately attract more – blissfully unaware – Swedish girls to the event.
„The view of the Swedish girls ‚dirty‘, ‚promiscuous‘ and ‚whores‘ is widespread right,“ wrote Officer Tommy Deogan (C) in a blog post where he was shortly after the assaults criticized the municipality’s actions.

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