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شاهد.. أصغر ولى عهد فى العالم

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Prince young Moulay Hassan son of King Mohammed VI of Morocco and the Crown Prince, the smallest Crown Prince in the world, the title probably more „grandfather“, the late King Hassan II, to the enjoyment of many of the actions and movements and foul, when he was in a year. It is vital a lot of movement in various spaces of the royal residence,“Dar es Salaam“ in Rabat when they are not pursued by cameras, a sober and sedate, even more than a year when he accompanied his father King in Alsmh.jdh events shows,the strength of his character, and his steps, confident, which would make him ready to become the „king“ In the future.

Generating in the May 8, 2003, he pitched the Ministry of royal palaces and decorations in Morocco Bushra the birth of Crown Prince Moulay Hassan. After a year and two months was the period between the declaration of the Ministry of the royal palaces and honors and decorations for the birth of the Crown Prince of King Mohammed VI, and the first official appearance alongside his father on July 31, 2004, although it appeared earlier in the same year in the arms of his father,

King which captures accompanied by images Memorial with the Moroccan team football after his return the title of the summer and the African Cup of Nations champion. Aqtdaih Belhassen came the launch of Moulay Hassan’s name, the Crown Prince, an expression of the values ​​and principles to fulfill with great kings in the history of Morocco, namely Sultan Moulay Hassan I and grandfather of the late King Hassan II. Youth rule the fate decreed, that holds the kings, sultans of Morocco Hassan’s name, they are the sons of the kings, sultans carried the name of Mohammed. Valhassan first is the son of Sultan Mohammed IV, II and Hassan is the son of Sultan Mohammed V, and Hassan III – current crown – is the son of King Mohammed VI. This involves commemorate the birth of Crown Prince in Morocco on the historical and emotional symbolism of great significance.

It is an expression of continuity that marks the history of the upper state, which kept kings for more than the values ​​and principles that was founded three centuries, namely the defense of the nation’s unity, independence and the maintenance of holy places, embodied in the motto of the Kingdom „God homeland King.“ „Named after Sir,“ .. the title of Crown Prince was the first he has done Moulay Hassan inside the classroom is commenting the words „named after Sir“ on the blackboard under the eyes of his colleagues. „Named after Sir“ is the title given to the Crown in the upper state, calling him by his colleagues, as he is accustomed to servants and the people of the palace, ministers and staff launched the Prince, and carried him and his father, King Mohammed VI, and grandfather, the late King Hassan II, and was preceded by the Crown Princes .

The royal family in Morocco and is one of the best and the dearest and the origin of royal families in the world their descendants are very rare breed ownership extends from the supervision and extending their rule of the Islamic Morocco for more than 800 years. See the photos..



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