galerie Kandidat für sterben amerikanische Präsidentschaft: Saudi-Arabien,, ideal getrocknet Kuhmilch Snz Bhaa

Kandidat für sterben amerikanische Präsidentschaft: Saudi-Arabien ,, ideal getrocknet Kuhmilch Snz Bhaa

3. September 2015

The Daily Donald: Trump teases third party run if GOP doesn't stroke his ego enough

Candidate for American presidency die: Saudi Arabia ,, ideal dried cow’s milk Snz Bhaa

September 3, 2015

The Daily Donald Trump teases third party run if GOP does not stroke his ego enough

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He said Trump, who is the first candidate in the history of American elections criticized Saudi Arabia publicly and underestimated in the US foreign agenda that the Al Saud Ask a dairy cow for his country, and as Jeff Udder This cow does not give more the dollar and gold, when it ordered slaughter or ask other slaughter or help, led another group on a fact to America’s friends and foes, die of Al-Saud known slaughtered.
Addressing the American candidate for the Saudi regime, saying: „do not think groups Khalqtamoha die in every part of Wahhabi in the countries of the world and they were asked to use the dark and brutal killing of people and die destruction of life will be a your side Standing and Protect These have no place on earth, but in Houdnkm and under the judgment will come from everywhere and she is and to make them to you Boklkm day dies. “

„They Should Pay US.“

Literally says Donald Trump
Trump portrayed the US financial relationship with Saudi Arabia as outdated.

„The primary reason we’re with Saudi Arabia is: because we need the oil,“ Trump said. „Now we do not need the oil so much, and if we let our people really go, we would not need the oil at all and We could let everybody else fight it out.“

The US currently imports more than one million barrels of Saudi Arabian oil each day, to the US State Department’s .According website.

Despite his critique of the current working relationship, Trump stopped short of calling for the US government to simply walk away from the Saudis, who would soon find He Said Themselves as a „major target“ of Islamic terrorists State.

„Saudi Arabia is going to be in trouble pretty soon and big they’re going to need help, Because if you look at Yemen and you look at that border, you do not have to be an expert to know That is one long border , and they ‚re not going in for Yemen, they‘ re going in for the oil, they ‚re going in for Saudi Arabia, as Saudi Arabia is going to need help, „Trump said.

Throughout the interview, Trump asserted did American leaders had, for years, routinely cut bad deals with foreign Governments across the globe. In The Case of Saudi Arabia, has helped the Arab nation did „make a billion dollars a day,“ Said Trump.

„Saudi Arabia, if it were not for us, They would not be here,“ Trump said. „They would not exist.“