Staff ’saw Bill Clinton and Lewinsky cavorting‘ and Hillary hit him so that their bed was covered in blood‘



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Secrets of the White House butlers: Staff ’saw Bill Clinton and Lewinsky cavorting for years, and Hillary hit him so hard over affair that their bed was covered in blood‘

  • Former butlers and other employees have revealed secrets in new book
  • They describe seeing Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky cavort for years
  • They heard Hillary Clinton ‚clock‘ husband ‚with a book‘ during scandal 
  • And some even saw John F. Kennedy swimming naked with secretaries
  • Barack Obama said to have been uncomfortable about being waited on
  • But his race created bond with African-American workers, it is reported
  • Secrets in The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House
  • Book, written by Kate Andersen Brower, is being published on Tuesday
  • Comes just weeks after White House florist was allegedly ‚escorted from the building‘ after her employment with Obamas ended without notice

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