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Lebanese chives with his children and grandchildren – Anatolia
Reached the age of reprehensible, draw time lines on his face, at the same time unable to reach the beating heart of youth, Venzerth life increasingly optimistic and adherent, as taken from the family of Sindh, and children humerus.

It Lebanese chives Suleiman Mohammed mil, who reached the age of 117 years, from the town of „monopoly Jenin“ in Akkar, north Lebanon, and his sons 8, including 3 girls and 5 boys, the oldest in the eighty-sixth, his first wife of the deceased, in addition to 5 sons, of whom two daughters and three sons, the youngest at the age of about 5 years, from his second wife.

„Mil“ is different from others in the perception of life, the family, which is only very recently, stopped having children, because of the loss of his wife, her unborn child, after it signed a land four years ago.

Haj believes „mil“ that his luck with his partner first, „Samira“ who died years ago, after a long illness, he knows the meaning of loyalty and commitment to this woman that was „a model example in the education of their children, and the face of hardship.“

But just kidnap him and his children, wife and mother, only to find himself alone and incapable of raising children, which is paid and the will of the divine marriage of a second partner, of the same name, led him to believe that the Samira Kalkadisin name, which means his blessings and contentment, and fulfillment, and sacrifice, As he says.

Haj speaks „mil“ for the march of his long life, stopping at historic several stations, despite Amith, is the one who stepped onto the feet of his ancestral land „monopoly Jenin“ with family „Alemraabh“, which ruled the land of Akkar, over a century-odd of time, in the middle of the century XVIII in 1753, until the end of the Ottoman rule of Lebanon, with the end of World War II in 1918.

The same family (Alemraabh) taken from the town of Beer, which was called Bouaph governance, a place to extend its influence to the whole region starting from „Dahr Nassar“ Akkar Mountains in the south, all the way north to Tartus in Syria.

Stop for a moment to speak sighed, it completes: „But in spite of everything, Hallelujah attributed wills and humiliates whom He is over all things ..“.

Uncle mil does not specify for so of his birth, the fact that the families were not in the past, their offspring are recorded immediately in the soul department, but says the old ranges between 115 and 117 years.

Stop talking and Tertsm on his face rigor and seriousness sign: „God willing, I am honest as I say .. I know exactly that I worked and my father on the incision Rail (any way) of Halba to beer in Akkar, a road paved on the shoulders and arms of men, as The Alemraabh decided constructed in order to get the grain, after the beer was the place of judgment, and I think it was in the mid-thirties of the last century. “

Haj and boasts Bhmth and strength and steadfastness and patience, saying: „Elan good to now, thank God .. The secret is in the eating and quality .. do not eat haphazardly, and what is it eyes ..la eat anything I do not know, and the thing that I know he is not in him benefit to the health of avoid him completely. “

He adds: „All I take it to be of natural oil, any original olive oil, do not eat synthetic oil, there cuisine harmful to health.“

He continues: „find some say that he could not live without eating meat .. this is true, but beef disease, but Hlipe but Penh as it is a drug, and goat milk and milk is an effective medication, and sheep meat medicine, and milk and milk disease, this is the rule I follow. “

That’s what helped Haj „mil“ in his opinion, to have children, and joking, saying: „To date, I still had children, thank God, if you’re in a foreign country I had the stature and reputation, and of interest to, and receive assistance. Severe threshold on the state, and I’m at that age, and Bshikhochta this, and Hepta, nor enjoy the rights, Vlheikokhh rights to the state. “

Haj speaks „mil“ for himself, which is that all people likes it because „our father and mother are one, we created Adam and Eve, I am the brother of Shiite and Druze and Christian and Sunni, not my enemies and I love everyone, and I pray to God to wear off all hate reality these days between people „.

And another of his children, he says, „came into the world five years ago, only two months, and I called Haider, then I decided to stop childbearing, after it had been my wife fell pregnant and lost her baby.“

He tightens his grip, he says, „but Elan is still strong to have children yet. Our generation is different from the current generation, who pray to God to send him full of reason, to care about his life, works for the interest of his country, and I wish to send him calm and quiet.“

And about whether women attracted even now, given al-Haj, laughing: „It is not Ihbehn, but I am afraid of my wife, they are the scourge.“

He adds: „It is not true that those who are my age can not reproduce, but it is the wife, they are able to pay her husband to do what needs to be done, which makes him Zalmay (man can not procreation) not be tempted beauty, beauty is the beauty of morality, and literature, and discipline, nor anything else. “

Regrets „mil“ that none of his children do not like him for his ability miraculous reproduction, and screaming sarcastically asking his son to show him his power game of bend the trigger and hand, then joked, „My son stops has 20 grandchildren and granddaughter, and ten Knain (wife of son).“

Today, the family of Haj „mil“ with his children and grandchildren, his sons and grandsons of about three hundred, he says, and „Were it not for my fear of gain a livelihood, and the difficulty of feeding and clothing the new boy, proceeded to once again to have children“, chives Lebanese adds.

He continues, „There is a problem, is that my children are expressing their displeasure if she gave birth, because childbearing today needs to budgets, and feed them and clothe them very difficult these days, and I do not have work“.

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