opposites trivia roundup

i heart literati

Reminder that today is the 96th anniversary of the Boston molasses flood. May their viscous souls rest in peace. In the meantime, enjoy an opposites trivia roundup.

tarrare :: hunger :: circulation :: blood :: gotz :: galvarino


1. Tarrare (1772-1798) was a Frenchman and gastronomical oddity with a hunger so intense his parents kicked him out of the house as a teenager because they couldn’t afford to feed him. He fell in with a group of bandits, then got a “job” opening for a performer. Either out of apathy or desperation, Tarrare did not limit his intake to food: he’d eat anything and everything, including corks, stones, whole live animals, or massive portions food, whether on stage or not. None of these had any ill effects.

When war broke out, Tarrare was conscripted, but found the rations lacking. He stole food, snuck away to eat trash or scraps…

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