US Fuelled Rise of ISIL in Iraq, Syria: Report

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ISIL militants

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The United States and its Western allies have been playing with jihadi groups as they exploited their existence, a report said few days ago.

In a report entitled “Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq,” Seumas Milne said that both UK and US were providing assistance to extremists groups operating in Iraq and Syria.

“The war on terror, that campaign without end launched 14 years ago by George Bush, is tying itself up in ever more grotesque contortions,” the report published b y The Guardian on Friday said.

The writer argued that a trial in London the trial in London of a Swedish man, Bherlin Gildo, accused of terrorism in Syria, collapsed after it became clear British intelligence had been arming the same rebel groups the defendant was charged with supporting.

“The defense argued that going ahead with the…

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