Defense Carter to Russia: ‚Does not irritate us back to the past‘

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Defense Carter to Russia: ‚Does not irritate us back to the past‘
Defense Secretary Ashton Carter comes (back) to the government by way of the military-industrial complex. Both in the „private“ sector as well as on military positions in government Carter is his wealth (and the other) come by forced an aggressive and interventionist foreign policy of the United States of America.
Minister Carter was yesterday in Berlin, where he urged that Germany should increase its military spending massively to counter what he called the „Russian aggression“ in Europe the. Currently Germany is approximately one percent of its gross domestic product on the military, and Carter would like to see this amount like doubles.
But Carter’s Pentagon also sent a confusing message to Germany, from which one can only hope that it is clear from a confused understanding of the history of the 20th century.
„Get rid of the playbook of the Cold War,“ said Germany has a higher military, and should instead „to strengthen its security role in the world, according to its political and economic weight.“
Germany needs the relative balance in Europe after the Second World War and forgotten military reassert as Commander of the European landmass, they urge. The Germans, who scourged himself more than 70 years for the sins of the monsters that have seized power in the 1930s will, hopefully reject the resumption of such a role.
Encouraged Ashton Carter Germany to get ready for a new invasion of Russia? It is not clear, but is close.
After Carter’s view, the current confused situation in Europe can be attributed to Russia’s attempt to bring the Soviet Union and the Cold War back to life. Russia is trying „to drag us back to the past,“ he lamented yesterday. And the United States will not allow that to happen.
When asked how the Russian „aggression“ in Europe looks concrete, Carter intervenes again for Keyword „hybrid,“ of which we are supposed to know what it means … well what the Pentagon and the Washington think tanks just want it means. Can you still remember „COIN?“
Carter said: … we pay attention to the hybrid aspects of potential contingencies – I suppose you know what this phrase means. But as we pay attention to hybrid warfare, and the ability to deter this.
While the „hybrid“ Russian aggression condemned (though Russia no important military bases outside its territory maintains), has announced the dominated by the United States of America, NATO announced plans of thousands of soldiers of the United States of America – a total of 40,000 – and heavy military equipment to Russia’s border in the Baltic States to station.
Not satisfied with a „stand-by force“ or even a „high stand-by force,“ Carter announced the need for a „very high recycle task force“ to ward off these „hybrid“ Russian aggression, and Carter intends to emphasize this point by writing to board a warship the United States of America jumps, which is freshly returned from the largest military exercise in history, the NATO Council held in the Baltic Sea.
Defiantly assured Carter that the United States of America, not looking for a cold or hot war, but „that would defend on rules-based international order.“
Meanwhile Syria falls after four years of secret and open action of the United States to undermine its sovereign government, the Islamic State victim, Libya sinks constantly into new levels of hell to an illegal „liberation“ led by the United States of America, and of course a legitimately elected government in Ukraine was overthrown with the support (and cakes) of the United States of America.
For Carter and his neo-conservatives which means „rule-based international order“ that the United States make the rules and that the United States give the commands.
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