The love staying needed natural love of self

Sunset over Komodo Island

The love staying needed natural love of self. Since the self-love of instincts authentic and desires in the human and that every man loves himself with certainty, the same applies to be a lover of survival and immortality, because the love of self does not mean he likes the simultaneous presence of the same then do not feel any feeling towards the future, it means he likes his presence in following the times also At all times. The Human strongly wish to endure his presence and he will abide.
It is normal to be the first and earliest effects of self-love is the love and the desire to stay in the Eternal Life,
Every man
This in itself has a natural instinct. The close relationship and the correlation between these two Alhabayn an end so that no one acknowledges the existence of self-love in the human and then deny his love of survival and immortality.

q/i.l. Salah Elnemr