There are almost always free peace on the world

Saturday 27.06.2015  Berlin / Cairo

by: Salah Elnemr
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French Government emanates from a terrorist attack.
President hollande consults on Saturday with his ministers.
Main suspect denied next statement
Terroranschläge Terror,sz
Terroranschläge Terror,sz
The French police has released one of the four suspects, who were arrested after theassassination attempt at Lyon. The Paris public prosecutor’s Office announced onSaturday, the main suspects remain in custody, but deny the statement. His sister and hiswife were sitting in prison.
The 36-year old to have his car rammed several gas canisters on Friday in a gas factory in Saint-Quentin Fallavier and triggered such an explosion, but no one was hurt. Theperpetrator was overwhelmed by two firefighters. It involves a family man from the region.The severed head of the CEO had been left hanging at the factory entrance as well asbanners with Arabic inscriptions, officials.
The world witnessed three terrorist attacks Kuwait, France, Tunisia in one day. Themessage of the perpetrators: We are everywhere. Analysis
The background of the deed remain unclear. The Government spoke of a terrorist attack.According to the public prosecutor’s Office, investigators still no conclusive motive orconnections of the man abroad had uncovered. Under French law, terror suspects can beheld up to four days.
Premier Valls: „Will react with a cool head“
There advised French President François hollande in the Elysée Palace over theconsequences of the attack on Saturday. Participants were the Minister of exterior, Interior,justice and defence and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, had prematurely canceled its visit toSouth America.
Valls called on the French company to put in the face of the vicious attack on Frenchvalues. His Government will react „with cool head“.
Highest level of security following terrorist attack in France
Already on Friday had hollande announced that the highest level of security will imposedfor industrial plants in France. That applies to 158 companies in the region Rhône-Alpes,which processed hazardous materials.
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in the French television station TF1 on Friday bya very great danger of terrorist attacks. Terrorism will spread through the Internet. Hesupported by an „extraordinarily developed propaganda terroristischerr groups“.

French President Francois hollande gives a statement at the European Council ofheadquarters in BrusselsVideo

Explosion at a factory near Lyon
Hollande speaks of terrorist attack
The French Government is in the attack on a gas plant in the southeast of the countryfrom a terrorist attack.
Neighbors described the 35th in the French radio Europe 1 as polite, helpful, but verycautious. He is not a criminal record.
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