Thoughts Of May

It’s hard to breath than usual.

They‘ve put a bridle, so they call it oh

With the pain everywhere I look is blurred.

Pa oh Pa I am heavy dressed in armour.

They say I’ll get used to it

Pa how did you?

I cannot see how I could admit

The pain you went through

Teach me Pa,

Teach me how you bore up

I feel as if I’m taken raw

And I want to wake up

To wake up from this illusion

I’m ready to listen

Pa I don’t mean to burden

It’s Just so I could harden

They fight with me, on me, and through me

Pa do you hear?

I changed my course as they bid me to flee

Not a second passed and I fell somewhere here.

Though I wish you were here, Pa

I’m glad you needn’t suffer more

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