Munich lawyer and assistant have Panzerknacker-band support with receiving stolen property

Munich lawyer and assistant have Panzerknacker-band support with receiving stolen property
Friday, June 19, 2015

Sladjana H. (23). © RAK

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Attorney sleeps with police and help Panzerknacker gang

Munich – A lawyer has confessed in court to have supported the Panzerknacker gang. A police officer was involved in it.

She talks for several minutes. Without commas or periods. Then suddenly the realization: „I have crossed borders“ are Danica St. (46). „I had not looked into the law, but wanted to be the Super lawyer who governs everything.“
Since Thursday, the lawyer sitting on the dock and needs a defender – as well as their clients earlier. Among them was the Panzerknacker gang who had allegedly committed 202 burglaries in Munich and Ingolstadt, thereby making 2.4 million euros prey. She has supported St. Danica – and cashed!

The case is curious: were as Nebojsa M., the head of the gang, and his accomplices arrested early 2014, at its sister announced at Danica St. and asked her to take over the case. According to the indictment, the lawyer also coordinated the defense for the other band members. The prosecution alleges that her right to have the defendants also Sladjana M. (23) and another woman stolen jewelry worth about EUR 500 000 sold – to pay, among other things the defense.

Lawyer Danica St. (46) is now even before Court.
Danica St. had a Deputy Commissioner Director of the Munich police headquarters instigated to obtain data from the police computer. „I had asked him if is wanted by her car,“ are the lawyer to. According to the indictment, they also let the investigation of individual members check and warned them. „I should have realized that you can not. But I wanted to look good in front of them. „The police, the lawyer had allegedly a brief relationship. Because betrayal of state secrets has been convicted to pay a fine. She herself was arrested in early May in the prison Stadelheim when she visited clients. Previously, she should have come to Sladjana H. fake marriage, so H. gets a residence permit – and wanted for prosecution, according to EUR 20 000. This did not happen. Nevertheless, two women now face a conviction for receiving stolen tape. Judge Philipp Stoll hinted however: The detention is suspended. Against the Panzerknacker Negotiations continue on Friday.

qe.Andreas Thieme