53 banks suspected of money laundering. Soon Sepp Blatter could be interrogated.

Sport – Football 17.06.2015, 11:10 FIFA scandals

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Investigations of money laundering at the World Cup Award00
The Swiss Attorney General’s Office have been reported in connection with the awarding of the World Cup 2018 and 2022 from 53 banks suspected of money laundering. Soon Sepp Blatter could be interrogated.
The world champion 2018 and 2022 already voted, the corruption allegations further clarified: This horror scenario in the scandal at football’s world governing body Fifa is increasingly likely. According to the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the investigation can benefit from around the World Cup awarded to Russia and Qatar still „months or years“.
„The schedule of Fifa I do not care. I’m interested in only the criminal proceedings. I do not do politics with this case. I’m trying to enforce the law, „said Attorney General Michael Lauber at a press conference on Wednesday in Bern:“ The football world must be patient. It will take more than the legendary 90 minutes. “
The Fifa makes a review of the disputed grants amounting reliable evidence depends. Lauber stated that its authority is currently investigating 104 bank accounts. A total of nine Tera bytes of data should be analyzed. For this purpose is in 53 other cases of suspected money laundering. These cases were reported by banks.

No details about investigations
The Federal Prosecutor, the investigation for „unfaithful agency“ in accordance with the Swiss laws were, from identifying tactical reasons no details about the investigations known. The risk that evidence might be lost through publications, according to Lauber is too large.
So the question of the financial volume of the bank remained unanswered. One of the prime suspects is the former Executive Committee member Ricardo Teixeira (Brazil), according to „Inside World Football“ to have received 30 million euros from Qatar to a report of the London Internet portal.
Whether the World Cup award in 2010 are part of the investigation to South Africa, Lauber was also open. The attorney did not even say how many officials of his „task force“ members.
Blatter and Valcke are questioned?
Lauber stated only that FIFA still applies as a victim – because the association has brought the investigation by an ad against unknown persons on 10 March only in transition. This assessment could be in the course of an investigation but change. Moreover Lauber did not rule out future surveys of the outgoing FIFA President Sepp Blatter and FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke.
„I have forced funds available – and I am independent,“ Lauber said, referring to the still not published the report of the former Fifa-investigator Michael Garcia – whether it contained evidence of corruption, is controversial.
So far, according to Lauber have been interviewed ten people. These include seven Fifa officials who sat on the Executive Committee at the time of the World Cup Award. The fact that allegedly the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office to deal with the Proposals, Lauber does not see as extra pressure: „I do not feel in leading strings of the United States.“
Russia and Qatar will continue preparations
The awards were advised repeatedly criticized in recent years. Russia is due to the Ukraine conflict in the pillory, Qatar due to catastrophic working conditions for foreign workers. Both countries had recently reaffirmed their intention to continue their preparations despite Fifa crisis as planned.
Meanwhile, fears of the German League President Reinhard Rauball that Blatter could consider an international retirement. „I do not rule that out,“ Rauball said the „Sport Bild“. For Rauball DFB boss Wolfgang Niersbach would be a suitable successor Blatter: „The fact that he basically has the skills to not only stands for me beyond question.“
The FIFA Executive Committee will decide on July 20 on a date for the extraordinary election congress. Currently, 16 December is considered Message Favourite date.