a field guide to functional insanity

dana cass

Do you suffer from crippling self-doubt with little to no basis in reality? Does „no basis in reality“ describe most of what your brain explores on a given day? Have you ever stopped to contemplate your purpose in life only to realize that when you think about it too much, you don’t have one, and neither does anyone else? Does the prospect of arriving at home only to discover that your bagel wasn’t toasted strike as much terror into your heart as the prospect of global warming?

I understand. But it’s time to lock it up.

Medication is one thing. It got me out of the well and back into the real world. It slows the ticker tape that runs constantly through the back of the unsound mind, flashing any one of the following messages: „BAGELS MAKE YOU FAT!“ „SQUIRRELS ARE VICIOUS!“ „YOUR COWORKERS ALL THINK YOU’RE A WEIRDO!“ „A PLANE CRASH WOULD BE…

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