Pizza delivery man punched several times in Milton Keynes attack

CitiBlog Milton Keynes

A pizza delivery man was punched in the face numerous times by a thug in Fishermead earlier this month.

On Wednesday 3 June at around 9.50pm, at the junction of Gurnards Avenue in Porthleven Place, Fishermead, the victim, a 34-year-old man, saw a man and woman sitting on a bench in Porthleven Place near to Gurnards Avenue.

The man told the victim, who was carrying pizza to deliver to a property, to give him the pizza, which he refused to do and walked away to find the property he was delivering the pizza to.

But the man on the bench ran at the victim and punched him in the face. They both then fell to the ground and the man continued to try and punch the victim, whilst stealing cash from his pocket.

Two witnesses intervened and managed to get the man away from the victim, who sustained cuts and…

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