Dreams Do Come True! ✨ „Infinity Dreams Award!“ ✨


I wish, I wish……Dreams really do come true! How exciting to receive this award, for which I was nominated by Stephy of http://stephysweetbakes.com who is not only a great friend, but also an amazing baking chef. She is so knowledgeable of decadent pastries. Who doesn’t love that?
In this award I am asked to list Seven (7) of my dreams. So, I invite you to read on.
(1) I would like to publish a cookbook of „Eating My Way Through the Alphabet“, complete with recipes and photographs.
(2) I would like to have a Gourmet Kitchen, yet still live in my current home with my husband, Gerald. The setting is idyllic.
(3) I would like to broaden my current mission project of sharing God’s love through food care packages, entitled „Manna From Heaven“. It’s really the brain-child of http://snapshotsincursive.com
(4) I would like to someday meet the people who have…

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