Peterborough boss Dave Robertson plans to ‚copy‘ MK Dons

CitiBlog Milton Keynes

Peterborough manager Dave Robertson is planning to ‚copy‘ MK Dons in an attempt to replicate their rival’s success in League 1 last season.

The Dons were automatically promoted to the Championship after a second placed finish, while Posh ended up a lowly ninth as well as sacking Darren Ferguson.

So their new boss Robertson believes Karl Robinson’s use of the loan market could be something he could use in an attempt to achieve success in 2015/16.

He told Peterborough Today: „Ideally I would have the entire squad for next season together when we return for pre-season training on June 29.

„That isn’t likely to happen purely because Premier League players might be involved and their clubs won’t let them out that early.

„I’ve seen a couple of Premier League clubs in an attempt to forge a strong relationship with them, but if I do loan players I want them here…

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