Lost memory can be retrieved


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Medicine and Health
Lost memory can be retrieved
There is hope the return of lost memory after successful laboratory experiments (Deutsche Welle)

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Study on mice revealed that the missing memory remain stored inside the brain cells of animals, despite the ability to retrieve lost.
US scientists were able to recover lost memory with the help of light in the study can increase the understanding and treatment of patients who suffer a severe loss of memory after injury or disease.
In a series of experiments on mice based on a technique called genetic science optics -and the use of light to activate specific nerve cells in Damag- the researchers found that it is possible to relive the memory that mice that were lost in the past.
It is noteworthy that this case has -alta known as retrograde memory, as a result of severe stress or injury or diseases such as Olzheimer- may be caused by damage hit associated with retrieving stored memory instead of brain cells.
The study found -alta Sains- published in the magazine that the memory storage resulting from the construction of new connections between nerve cells in the brain, while the ability to retrieve include the strengthening of these links that could impede the brain affected when injury or disease.



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