My Painting Techniques

Second Sight Journey

I should have a technique. I should have a style. I suppose I do have a style, but technique has never really been something that I worried too much about.

What I do have when I paint is a very clear intention. I have a clear idea of what I want the painting to basically look like when it’s complete.

That’s not to say that the paintings always come out the way that I intend. Actually, much of the painting is an experiment in abstraction, moving paint around until it makes a cool pattern that satisfies me. That’s for the background anyway. I find that a detailed background distracts from the subject, so I keep it a little ambiguous, blurry and abstract.

As for the subject, I used to struggle with translating the subject to the canvas/masonite. The thing that has been so transitional for me, THE reason why I…

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