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Magic solution to cleaning goodbye to the powders to clean clothes, carpets, glass and other there are countless ways and many of detergents aimed at eliminating stubborn stains everything on clothing, carpet, and furniture. But by removing every last trace of the spot does not require an arsenal of chemical detergents and repeated cycles in the washing machine. Most of the spots can disappear in a matter of minutes with a dose of alcohol. What can I use to clean instead of regular and costly powders before finding a regular powders and purchased and mostly ineffective, have you know that there for Dickey already what you can use in cleaning the largest and effectively such as hair spray (gel) is not contain alcohol isopropyl as well as some Alsaail cleared and you will find written on it ethylic alcohol. Why is better than regular powders alcohol to a statement that I will have to explain how to clean powder soap and how it cleans alcohol, for powdered soap existing markets the idea is to form foam is a very large group of small air bubbles to surround the dirt and makes them slip of clothing and surfaces that managed, as for Alcohol Volammer completely different and before completing your question any student studying chemistry alcohol will tell you that the most famous description of him is that it is an organic solvent and this simply means that the alcohol is in a simple minutes broke composition Alkimpayih of fat and grease and stubborn stains and thus disappear from itself simply because they no longer exist Because of Tver composition Vtakhtvi in ​​alcohol also disappears and dissolves salt in the water and the effectiveness of the largest Ped choose the appropriate concentration of alcohol products to be fast-acting, but Abaadiha of the reach of children completely, and in Chidelah Amkinka to do any bottle alcohol concentration of approximately seventy percent which is very convenient What are the types of stains can be removed We all know that spot ink of very stubborn stains and which can be removed simply by using hair gel, only my gel on the spot and put them in the washing machine and Sticky hair will rest in moments, and there are many spots that can alcohol be removed, such as grass, whether on clothing and carpets grease, on the carpets and rugs lipstick, foundation, and other makeup products permanent signs mustard gravy, but alcohol is not the best solution in some cases, such as fabrics that enters the alcohol industry, most notably fiber used in most products these days placemats. Magic solution to cleaning goodbye to the powders to clean clothes, carpets, glass and other

by Salah Elnemr