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1 Cashew nuts are healthy

Cashew Nüssen, Obst, Baum, Sumachgewächse Anacardiaceae

There will be many happy that cashews necessarily belong to a healthy diet. Often nuts are shunned because of their high fat content of people who are diet-conscious or who are struggling with their weight. But this one has his body many valuable ingredients that just happen concentrated in nuts and cause you have to eat less of it. In many diets nuts are an important part. The known low carb diet for example, looks absolutely nuts before. That nuts do not belong to the fattening foods, proving the very fact that our ancestors – have fed alongside meat, fish and berries also of nuts and despite everything being overweight did not know – the hunter-gatherers. What is striking is that this for the most part is foods that have high levels of fat. This is true, however, is not the fat solely responsible for gaining too much weight. Namely, it is the supply of too many carbohydrates, which ensures that the fat is stored. To cashews can access safely. They are delicious and very healthy, even though they contain fat, but barely carbohydrates.

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Cashew nuts are eaten not only raw or natural, there are so many recipes, which is completed by this tasty nut fruit. In the vegetarian and Asian cuisine can be found a lot of recipes, where cashews are used. In the production of the popular pesto instead of pine nuts cashews can also be used. Wherever used nuts in the kitchen, can be grasped easily even to cashews. In many cases, they are by their mild taste significantly better than almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts normally used. Since one can only say, just try it and wait for the other reactions.

If there is a party, cashews are a snack that you can bring to the table without feeling guilty. Compared to potato chips, Flips and Co. are a healthy alternative, in which no one needs to ensure that it only takes fat to be. Only people with allergies should be careful. Since cashews belong to the nuts, they can cause allergic reactions.

Ideal cashews remain alone as a snack when you need healthy energy. Athletes can bring about with cashews an energy kick. At the desk the delicious nuts are also a healthy snack. Who mentally works hard, gets through the cashews quickly usable energy and the other ingredients are also not to be despised.

Cashews there raw or roasted and salted. For a party is often opts for roasted and salted variant, although the raw cashews also provide a taste experience of a special kind. In the kitchen, however natural cashews are the drug of choice.

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