The current German child poverty is alarming

by: Salah Elnemr

The current German child poverty is alarming.


When this government wakes up at last?

Even the „Bertelsmann Foundation“, which has been instrumental in the misery in Germany / is, it can not be denied any longer!

Child and family poverty has in Germany (not only) a study has shown alarming proportions. Government support often goes past the need. This is the conclusion of two further surveys commissioned by the „Bertelsmann Foundation“, which were released today.

One in five children under 15 years is therefore at risk of poverty, so grows below the poverty line in. That’s 2.1 million boys and girls who live in families that have fewer than 60 percent of average net income available. For a family of four, the threshold is set at 1848 euros per month.

Nearly half of these 2.1 million children live in households that relate Hartz IV. In the other half – that’s 1.15 million poor children – that’s not the case: you live without this support, although they sometimes claim it. And only just slightly above the poverty line – and with the aid of SGB II benefits – grow more some 480 000 children in Germany.

Taken together, this means according to the study, that this country three-quarters of all children in financially secure, but a quarter are large in financially precarious conditions. Evaluation of the data of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation shows a clear discrimination against children incomes of poor families as compared to households with good financial position.

Specifically evident: Around 20 percent of children, basic security related, living in cramped conditions. 76 percent of whose parents are dependent on Hartz IV, to any leave of one week can afford. In many cases, the small budget does not allow for that friends are invited to go home.

About 14 percent grow also in households without Internet, 38 percent in families without a car. And with 10 percent of children do not even have all family members adequate winter clothes. At the same time it turns out the representative survey that basic goods – one hot meal a day or timely rent payments – are usually guaranteed in families with Hartz IV relation.

A second study, researchers interviewed for poverty families accounted for: Low-income parents want for their children especially good education and make back their own needs. You find it frustrating to have to say no often because of their poor financial situation. Parents also complain of too many official contact points, bureaucratic hurdles and changing contact.

According to the Bertelsmann Foundation, the survey reveals that the government support system poverty auffange inadequately. Jörg Dräger, Chairman of the Foundation, said that the needs of children, their well-being and their participation opportunities should be in focus, the state basic security should be increased.

The DGB called the study an indictment of the policy, „particularly for those in the government who believe that a positive labor market development solve the poverty problem.“ But a lot of new low-wage jobs are just not poverty-proof.
(Source: dpa)

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