Based on the previous point a mistake to believe that urban children live in germ-free homes therefore develop allergies.

by: Salah Elnrmr


Some parents believed that they expose their young children unclean environment to strengthen immunity and reduce your risk of developing allergies, nor Anevkon chanting saying „Let the child wander in the earth,“ but this belief is not correct, Vtaarb child’s environment is clean offer it for disease, and the sensitivity it may several factors.

In the past two decades, the world has seen a jump in the number of people with allergic diseases such as hay fever and eczema, asthma, and one of the explanations put forward is that the obsession with cleanliness in which we live now making children live in germ-free environment, making their immunity is weak and led to them also are allergic to any substance.
The owners of this subtraction, inferred that allergies in children living in villages and rural environments less than their counterparts living in cities rates, which is due to them according to their exposure to germs.
But this belief is not true for the following reasons:
According to the NHS in the United Kingdom, it is practically impossible to get rid of all the germs at home, whatever the housewife keen on cleaning and wiping surfaces, it will remain there spores enter the house and gathering, which comes from the food and clothing that the intervention of the house and us who go out and get back to the house and In practice this can not be, even if we tried to make the house free of germs.
Based on the previous point a mistake to believe that urban children live in germ-free homes therefore develop allergies.
It is true that exposure to germs contribute to cope with the immune disease and the formation of antibodies to him, but this may be a terrible price, as it could lead to severe illness or even death. Thus it was invented vaccinations which a person is exposed to germs dead so her develop immunity without risk of forming it.
High levels of sensitivity is not linked only to the environment, since other factors play a role, such as changing diet and inactivity and obesity.
Some data suggest that the problem may be that in the past decades has become our children less a departure from the external environment (parks and playgrounds), which deprived them of exposure to germs girlfriend dubbed (old friends), a bacteria is not harmful to the body but affect immunity.
It may therefore be problematic, which may increase the likelihood of injury to children is that they are not sensitive to these friendly bacteria is harmful, not that they are not harmful germs.
Therefore we must encourage the child to go out to playgrounds, parks and foreign activities, provided that they are clean, otherwise they may carry diseases of the child. As it is wrong to ask the child to rubbing himself in the dirt, because this will not improve immunity, but may lead to illness.