Choux Bakery in San Francisco




I love sweets! I am all about sweets! This adorably cute bakery started following me on instagram, so I had to check this place out. All last week I  literally drooled over their yummy pictures of cream puffs and chounuts. Saturday morning could not come fast enough! It is my pleasure to introduce you to Choux Bakery in San Francisco where everything is baked with love. It is cream puff heaven. All the cream puffs have a name and are unique in design. I honestly could not pick a favorite since every single one I tried blew my mind. I also tried a chounut, which is a puff pastry donut filled with cream (I guess you can think of it as a cream puff donut). The flavors for the chounuts change each week, I tried the chocolate hazelnut. Delicious! I already love donuts, but a puff pastry version was the best!…

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