Who else?

My frame of mind

Between deep silence and darkness of the night

When the whole nation is asleep

I sit under the open sky

With moonlight as the only source of light

Gazing at the twinkling stars

And thinking

Just about you 

You and only

For giving me so much

How would i ever thank you

Your favors on me are uncountable

So many and so beautiful

Thanking you

For always being there when no one else was

For always listening to me and fulfilling my wishes

For always soothing my mind

When it was distressed from the chaos of life

For loving me so much

I thought my mom loves me infinitely

But when i found you

I realized you love me 70 times more than a mother loves her child

That endless love

I can never be able to prove myself that deserve able

Between deep silence and darkness of the night

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