Victims at the ICC – Who’s Representing Who?

Justice in Conflict

Luke Moffett joins JiC for this fascinating article on the battle for victim participation and representation in the context of northern Uganda. Luke is a law lecturer in Queen’s University Belfast and is author of Justice for Victims before the International Criminal Court (2014).

(Photo: Will Storr / The Observer) (Photo: Will Storr / The Observer)

Victim participation before the International Criminal Court (ICC) is one of the innovations that distinguishes it from earlier tribunals. Ten years on from the first indictments being released by the ICC, the role of victims is becoming more settled, allowing more critical insight into how effectively victims’ interests are being represented and considered by the ICC. Important questions remain. How can the ICC effectively enable thousands of victims of international crimes to voice their views and concerns before the Court? Given the importance of victim participation at the ICC, who gets to decide who speaks for victims is under the…

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