Report blames U.S. military for 53 rapes in Colombia, but where’s the evidence?


BOGOTA, Colombia —Allegations that U.S. military contractors sexually abused 53 women in a small Colombian town appear to be unsubstantiated, a Fusion investigation has found.

The claim, published in a recent academic report on the history of Colombia’s armed conflict, sparked a media firestorm last month and prompted a quick response from the U.S. Army, which said it had „no record“ of those allegations. An army spokesman told Fusion the U.S. Army would „investigate any credible allegations,“ but offered no further comment.

But now even the man behind this stat says more evidence is needed to sustain the allegation. In an interview with Fusion, Renan Vega, a Colombian history professor and author of the report, says he got the number 53 from secondary sources, but was unable to find any case files or identify any of the alleged victims.

“There could be more cases, or there could be fewer,” Vega, a…

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