One problem with the government’s body-camera plan: data storage


This morning, the Department of Justice announced that it is releasing $20 million in funding to help local and tribal police departments get their hands on body cameras.

The move, one of Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s first major undertakings since taking office this week, was greeted by applause from some parts of the Internet-sphere.

But, while some see hope in the effort, there’s one serious obstacle in the way before it makes an actual impact on policing. The reason why is wholly contained in the following sentence, taken from the release:

[fusion-pullquote ]“The long term costs associated with storing this information will be the financial responsibility of each local agency.“[/fusion-pullquote]

The costs of data storage is the single largest obstacle that local governments face in implementing body cameras. Last December, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, whose city is now under fire for allegations of police brutality, vetoed a bill that…

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