In Dublin’s Fair City

joy loves travel

Leprechauns all done – or so we thought until we bumped into this chap, we spent the rest of our afternoon strolling around Dublin taking in the sights and sounds of this lively and historic city. Most of the main sights are situated in a comparatively small area so walking is a breeze.

07.10.21 - Temple Bar

We headed first to the River Liffey, sat for a while on the river bank eating sandwiches then used the Ha’penny Bridge to cross to the other side. My favourite Dublin bridge, not too tricky to see why this is the most photographed river crossing in the city. In the days before the bridge people crossed the river using a ferry. These were in bad condition and the owner was given an ultimatum – either fix the boats or build a bridge. He went for the latter option and charged anyone crossing a ha’penny toll. The name…

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