AIR Berlin – Anti-racist initiative e.V.

Forum on Friday, April 17th 18 clock – Jockel beer garden (Ratiborstr 14c.)

Just five months after the Selbstenttarnung of NSU and its perpetration of racist murders of nine a white man shoots in Berlin’s Neukölln wordlessly into a group of young people with a migration background. Alex and Jamal are critically injured and Burak died at the scene from his injuries. The obvious assumption that it could have been a racist motive is countered by the police that it „no evidence“ would be. Let there be determined „in all directions“. A mantra that is repeated until today. Because there is still no trace of a murderer.
The frivolous acquiescence of explanations of the investigating authorities in the case of NSU murders must be a lesson to us. This resulted in the silence and ignorance about the victims‘ families must not be repeated. These were the thoughts with which we founded the _Initiative to investigate the killing of Burak_. For almost three years, we call together with the families targeted investigations towards a racist motive. Has done little.
In an open forum, we want to discuss with invited guests and the audience critical questions that have occupied us since the beginning of our work over and over again:
What is the goal of our work? When can we speak of success?
If they were more concrete changes – such as investigation results or even changes within the police force? Or is it rather abstract goals – a critical public or solidarity with the families? But how do we do public relations, if we have no new messages? Why the interest in this unsolved murder after the NSU-determination in disaster left, critical relationships and even at Migrant_innenorganisationen so low?
Can we ever take public pressure influence on investigating authorities? What experience have made survivors and relatives of victims of racist violence with police and the public?
What can we learn from this? And last but not least: How will you work with victims and relatives? What form should solidarity so that they can be practical?
Guests: Ogun Parlayan (lawyers Bektas family and NSU accessory prosecutor), Canan Bayram NSU Watch, Mehmet Daimagüler and (Members of the Green Party in the Berlin House of Representatives), Ibrahim Arslan (survivor of racist arson attack in Mölln in 1992 and activist, Hamburg), Mouctar Bah (Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh), Ayşe Güleç (Ini April 6 Kassel)

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